Fathala nature reserve Senegal

At Fathala nature reserve you will find different species of animals. From giraffe, antilope, rino, zebra's, bushpig and many more. There animals left the westcoast of the African continent because of deforesting in the colonial times. At Fathala they are reintroducing these species on a surounded 6000 hectares of bush were they are free to live and taking care of by the Fathala staff members. 

At MamadiTours you can book different types of tours at Fathala wildlife nature reserve. 
- Game Drive ( drive with a 4-weel jeep and spot as many different animals) 
- Game drive and sleep over in one of the fantastic lodges at Fathala wildlife nature reserve. Wake up between by the sounds of the birds and other animals. 


Both option are available with or without the Lion walk. 
The lion walk excist of a forrest walk with lions and their caretakers. 
The lion walk is safe to join and the Fathala staff is well trainend to keep you safe in all times. 

-Pick up and drop off at your hotel
-Ferry crossing from Banjul to Barra and  Barra  to Banjul
-Transportation by jeep from Barra  to Fathala wildlife nature reserve
 And Fathala wildlife reserve to Barra
-Game drive experience (excl. lion walk / lodge)
-Drinks and snacks (non alcohol) 
- Lunch 

Prices: from 5000 dalasi p.p.

*     minimum of 2 persons. 
**   more than 4 persons there will be a 5% discount
*** more than 8 persons we will give a dicount of 10% 

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