The RijssenGambia Foundation

By Mamadi Jaiteh ( teacher, student and guide)

Hello Friends/ Family

 This blog is focus on Rijssen Gambia foundation. This is a foundation set up to contribute to development of the needy individuals in our society.  In doing so we decided to provide them with school materials to ease education for them because we understand that not all the families and government can able to supply children with school materials. In certain situation the children do work for their school materials because of the condition of their parents, which I will take a very good  example from myself, when I was young boy,  I do go and sale water to earn some income for my daily  school expenses and other school needs.

Basic school girls waving their books.

 It’s really an honour and privilege to talk about this wonderful initiative and achievement; we have conducted in Rijssen and in the Gambia. In 2018, during my summer holiday then Maaike was working at Heutink (a company in Rijssen that also supply school materials to schools) thought of collecting the school materials in there large quantity for the Gambia.  The scheper families (Mirjam, Maaike,Albert, Ina,Lianne etc) were doing it, for a while but the main motive behind it is to bring them to the Gambia for the needy students.

When i was a young boy, i go and sell water to get some income

We will take this opportunities also  to thanks Heutink ,Maaike, Albert, Ina,schepers families, friends, families and team  RIJSSENGAMBIA FOUNDATION  for the wonderful initiatives and all the people for their efforts to make it possible. As our slogan ” together we can”.

Upon the arrival of these school materials, they where distibuted  to many Government schools, private school, islamic schools, boarding schools , orphanages , village development communities( VDC),  charity foundations and even  some  of  the students of  Gambia college and  the university  of the Gambia  at large and they are not sale. They were really grateful to achieved this wonderful gesture and it was sign motivation  to facilitate effective education.

  Thanks you all you, for  your support  to make it possible to put smile on these children face. With your support, we want make this project a very progressive and sustainable to ensure  that, we contribute development  of the well being of needy invidual in a meanful ways.

Thanks to Rijssen Gambia Team for the wonderful services and assistance you are rendering to the Gambia.